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If you are a fan of The Simpsons TV series then you may have probably watched every episode of the show or at least many episodes. The Simpsons TV show has already over 400 episodes and a full length movie based upon the TV show. Really quite an impressive performance over the last twenty years. The show reveals typical aspects of American life in a fascinating, humorous way that still lingers on in our present day society.

If you have watched the Simpsons show for any length of time, then you must be knowing that the main characters are Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the father Homer, with whom you can identify due to your own problems at life and you can probably understand why he remains obsessed with doughnuts and Duff beer.
You probably may not want to look like Homer Simpson but you would like to announce to your close friends and family that you are the numero uno fan of the show.
There are many funny memorabilia that are associated with the show. They are slowly making a comeback in fashion and it’s a cool way reveal to others in the social gathering that you are part of the ‘in-crowd’ with a great sense of humor.

There are also different types of Simpsons show related memorabilia that will be cool gift idea for your close friends or family members. But it doesn’t have to stop there either. You can gift your friends and family members a free wallpaper which you can find all over the internet.

You can download these free wallpaper backgrounds to get some motivational boost and continue to be glued to the magical show. Search online and you will find many such beautiful and funny themed types of wallpaper that are valuable for providing humor and bright spark of courage and motivation in your life. In your own fantasy world you can explore a lot of different possible encounters with the fictional Simpson characters.

When people are looking for wallpapers nowadays they are really looking for a cool desktop wallpaper and not a real wallpaper to hang in their room. People working on computers stare at these wallpapers for many hours a day and slowly it becomes a part of their life.

Funny Simpson characters like Homer and Bart are amazingly close to real life with all their imperfection. Probably not good role models but they do bring some cheer and break the monotony in your routine life.

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